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During the middle to late 70’s there were only two ways to either arrive or depart Key West.

One was by car traveling the old US 1 highway with its notorious seven-mile bridge (the bridge was extremely narrow with only inches between passing cars) and the other was AIR SUNSHINE the only airline to service Key West.

The first flight was at 8:00am ending with the last flight out at 11:00pm. 

The airline was affectionately called “Air Sometimes” due to its inability to fly on schedule. During that period Key West was only visited by a small number of tourists and considered one of the worlds “best kept secrets.” 

During those years the bars would close around 10:00 PM and the bartenders would announce “Last Flight Out” instead of “Last Call”.

For those scheduled to leave on the 11:00 PM flight they would be in for a surprise for when arriving at the airport they would often find that the plane was not flying or was full. Also the airport bar (Conch Flyer) stayed open 24 hours a day! All the service employees from the bars in Old Town would start gathering there and the party would begin.

Sometimes the crew of the departing plane would be among the revelers and hence that was another reason the plane wouldn’t be departing. 

However this was not cause for despair, they just extended their stay one more day in paradise. 

In fact there are still people in Key West from the 70’s waiting for their Last Flight Out!

The LFO story doesn’t exclusively apply to Key West.  It doesn’t even have to deal with a location. 

We all have a Last Flight Out within us. It’s that wistful thinking of who you’d like to be where you’d like to be and with whom you’d like to be.  

It’s that ultimate escape in your mind.  It’s that last thought right before you fall asleep. Change careers, change locations, find a partner.  It’s that feeling when you’re all alone in your mind.

I can do. I can be, if only!

Don’t say: “I can’t!”  Step out on that 10-meter diving board, close your eyes and lean forward trust there is water in the pool.  STOP going back down the ladder. 

Dream. Escape.

Believe that just for today the Sun rises only for you and maybe, just maybe you’ll start dressing up and showing up! Arrivals Departures

That’s what it’s all about!

– Clay  & Assaf 

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